Don't let the holidays sneak up on you!

Be prepared to share in the joy of giving by opening your Christmas Club savings account early.

What is a Christmas Club Account?

A Christmas Club account is a short-term account that allows you to set aside money for:

  • Gifts for your loved ones
  • Big family meals
  • Holiday travel
  • And more

By opening a Christmas Club account, you can prepare for the holiday season while still managing your finances. Having your holiday money in a separate account makes it easier to avoid touching those funds and set a budget for your holiday spending.

How do Christmas Club Accounts work?

  • All it takes is a minimum deposit of $20* to get started.
  • This account earns dividends at a 0.05% annual percentage rate and a 0.05% annual percentage yield.
  • The funds are available for you to withdrawal on or after November 1st. There is a $10 penalty for each early withdrawal prior to November 1st of each calendar year.

*Must have a Regular Share Savings Account.

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