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We received over 600 votes during our 2024 BEST IN CLASS Teacher Award Contest!

Thank you to everyone who voted for their favorite teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week!

This Year's Best in Class - Teacher Award
2024 Winners:

  • First Place: Jerrick Velasco (Tyler High School)
  • Second Place: Makalya Humphrey (Boulter Middle School)
  • Third Place: Candace Veatch (Hubbard Middle School)

Here are some of our favorite quotes about these three teachers and why they were nominated:

Jerrick Velasco | 2024 Winner

  • Mr. Velasco has been a wonderful teacher for us during our time in 11th Grade inside of Tyler High School. He helped us understand literary masterpieces using his exemplary form of teaching. Not only that, his amazing form of teaching allowed us to expand our vocabulary and be able to read and understand words we have never seen before, giving us a better grasp on the English Language.
  • Mr. Velasco is my favorite teacher because he always tutors me and ensures I understand the lessons thoroughly. His passion for teaching has inspired me to pursue a career in education myself.
  • He's the best teacher because he combines knowledge and passion with a remarkable ability to engage and inspire students in their learning journey.

Makayla Humphrey | 2024 Winner

  • Ms. Humphery is my favorite teacher because she has very good skills at teaching and builds a relationship with students so they can feel more comfortable with her.
  • She helps not only with math but with life skills as well. She genuinely wants to make sure these kids become good people in society.
  • Her student progress is outstanding and she is an amazing advocate for her students and her school! She is a first year teacher and is already earning grants for the school.

Candace Veatch | 2024 Winner

  • She goes above and beyond with her students to make sure they get the best opportunities to go to college!
  • She is extremely dedicated and passionate about everything they do, especially when it comes to her students and the AVID program!
  • I have had her class for 2 years and I have had a awesome time in her class,and she has made a huge impact in my life