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Beautiful young woman wearing think rimmed black glasses, holding a pen and a phone, while looking at a computer

When you think college job, you might think burger-flipping and dorky uniforms. But the ultimate college job goes way beyond the stereotype. You need to find a job that won’t interfere with your class schedule or coursework, that pays decently, and ideally, one that gives you a jumpstart in your career.

Finding a job that meets these criteria can be challenging. No worries, though; we’re here to help you make it happen! Use this handy guide to get hired at your dream college job.

Smiling young African college student working online with a laptop with headphones on

Between astronomical tuition bills, piles of textbooks to purchase, foods costs and supplies, being a college student is definitely not cheap.

Lucky for you, there are loads of companies out there that think you deserve a budgeting break.

Here are five of the best student discounts out there: 



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