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Kids laying on the floor looking at a phone and a tablet device

Managing money is a foundational life skill. There are so many factors involved and so many open-ended questions at play. How much should you be saving? When is it worth spending more? How do you keep spare change from burning a hole in your pocket? It takes years of discipline and training to perfect this skill, and ongoing self-control to maintain it.

That’s why it’s best to give your kids a head start on money management and saving. As a parent or guardian, remember that the lessons you plant today will take root and blossom, enriching your child’s life for years to come.

Young baby girl crawing in front of mom wearing a white headband and blue dress

The first few days after you bring your baby home is an exciting time that can also be a bit stressful.

Many parents also find the first few months stressful, while others are stressed over their parental commitments a while longer. It’s easy to get caught up in sleepless nights, organic baby food and reading every book you can find, but sometimes parents forget an obvious priority: teaching and helping your child to save money as they grow up.

Happy smiling mom cuddling young smiling girl putting coin into pink piggybank.

Are you a good saver? Is it easy to save money or is it tough?

Here are some simple tricks to help you save money. We talked to a few people here at CTCU to hear real life stories of how their parents taught them about money or how they teach their kids about money to hopefully help you have easier money discussions.

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